Cheesesteak (recorded performance)
Single channel video with sound, 16:52, 2009


After spending fourteen years as a pescatarian (yes, very contradictory, I realize. What can I say? I come from generations of fish people), I decided to eat a Cheesesteak sandwich from Pat's during my residency at the Philadelphia Art Hotel. I chose Pat's over Gino's, because supposedly it was the "dirtier" and thus more authentic of the two. The man who had served me the sandwich (wit wiz) came outside and laughed at me while I ate it, slowly, (approximately 16:52, as seen in the description) alone on the sidewalk. It was only about 10:08 in the morning, but someone else actually ordered one right after me. In the end, I almost finished it (there were a couple inches of the sandwich left). I suffered for the next three days.