Series of 4 digital animations with sound, 2005-2006


Inspired by a not-so-innocent fan-run Michele Williams message board, this was initially supposed to end with Jen Lindley, but eventually all four of the main characters of the TV show starred in their very own text-based animation.

In 2007, Marcia Tanner, who curated the Wight Art Gallery "Bad Girls" show in '94 asked to include the Michelle Williams piece in a show at the Mills College Art Museum. I couldn't believe my good luck.


Although automation in a program such as MAX or After Effects would no doubt speed up the time it takes to complete each animation, I am interested in the process of precise text-animation making. Simultaneously meditative and frustrating, I first type out every sentence, and then record separate tracks of each computer voice reading their assigned sentences. The audio files are then placed into Flash, where I begin the laborious and painstaking process of typing out the individual letters of the sentences in a timeline, carefully mapping the appearance of each piece of text with the audio.