The floorplans of every place I've ever lived that I can recall from memory.
Part 2 of the Memory Projects.
Watercolor on vellum in wooden frames, brass plaques, cardboard and metal mailing tube, single-channel video, dimensions variable, 2009


The floorplans...is an experiment in the accuracy of memory and its ability to re-create past histories. The floorplans of 23 homes that the artist has lived in are rendered using watercolor paint, for a total of 33 renderings (due to the fact that some homes comprised more than one floor). Each floorplan is designated with a small brass plaque that indicates the address, as well as dates that the artist occupied each specific space. A video comprising satellite and street-level views of each home gathered using Google Maps accompanies the floorplans.

By the time I completed this project, I had lived in 23 different places (some places had two floors, and each were given their own floorplan). One frame is left entirely blank due to my lack of memory of the space, and a placeholder with a nail is left blank for my next home (which I've since moved into).