The (first and last) names of every person I've ever met that I can recall from memory.
Part 3 of the Memory Projects
Typewriter, typewritten graphs on paper, typewritten notecards, 4-channel video with sound, projected video, dimensions variable, 2009


For ten days in November 2008, the artist sat down at a typewriter and typed the first and last names of all the people she has ever met on individual cards. Having restricted herself from utilizing resources such as yearbooks and the internet to aid her recollections for the first half of the project, she then began researching the 515 recalled names using internet search engines and created typewritten graphs and video to analyze this information. The result of this process, The Names Project, was presented in the form of a mixed media installation that explores the mind’s limitations in re-creating histories, as well as the extent to which the internet can aid and extend one’s memory.