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*Note of Apology: Trailer does not have a proper audio mix.
Director and Editor: rsitoy
First Assistant Director: Stephen M. King
Sound Edit and Mix: Philip Perkins >>

​the ear goes to the sound: the work of Laetitia Sonami is a film portrait of the French born, Oakland based electronic sound artist Laetitia Sonami. Sonami, a student of the pioneering sound composer Eliane Radigue, is perhaps best known for her lady's glove  instrument, which controls sounds and mechanical objects with gestures of the hand. This documentary offers an intimate look at one of the most extraordinary, yet underappreciated electronic sound artists of today, and is structured around an intricate combination of performance and in-studio demonstration. The film features interviews with acclaimed composers John Bischoff, Maggi Payne, Eliane Radigue, and writer Melody Sumner Carnahan, and includes never-before-seen and rare performance footage. I hope that this film will contribute to a more nuanced understanding of women working at the intersection of technology and art.
–rsitoy, director
The Pearson Theater at Meyer Sound, Berkeley, CA
The Pearson Theater at Meyer Sound, Berkeley, CA
In the works: A short-form documentary on a monumental 6-story site-specific sound installation by Eliane Radigue, Laetitia Sonami, and Bob Bielecki that was exhibited at the Rubin Museum in New York City: Le Corps Sonore
East Bay Express: Viewing the Sound of Laetitia Sonami
This film would not have been possible without the financial support of these wonderful people. Thank you for believing in this project!
Daniel McAnulty | Matt Cella | Kimm Alfonso | Alan Disparte | Krista Peters |
Becky | Francois de Compiegne | Matt and Susannah Eloyse Prinz | Lior Bar |
Alain Pozzo di Borgo | Julia Klein | Chris Scott | johnc | Rene Sitoy | Jana Rumberger |
Philippe Pozzo di Borgo | Randolph Belle | Jeremy Biddle | Susan Slagle |
Devan Reiff | Lou Mallozzi | kerri | Jamie Spinello | Moshe Quinn | Melissa Pedone Wyss |
Rob Burden | Dorothy | Thomas F Asmuth | Julia Sverchuk | James Kristen Van Patten |
Jesse Walton | Joe Misterovich | Drew Aylor | Thrinley DiMarco | Colleen Mulvey |
Nicholas Croft | Amelia Ishmael | Marsha Vdovin | Peter Horst | Dani Leventhal |
Katty Hoover | Miya Hannan | Adam Bulakowski | kbeezy | Lior Bar | Carrie Hott |
Barney| Brett Foxwell | Kim Seaberg | Megan Gorham | Amy Stimmel | Benina Gould |
Alexandra Pozzo di Borgo | Ellen Fullman | Burning Books | Eric Araujo |
Kent Long | Mark Anderson | Domenic Pagalilauan | Julia | Donald Day | Diana Liss |
John Bischoff | Ryan Page | Lauren Rath | Michal Crawford-Zimring |
Kent Swafford | Christopher deLaurenti | Edwyn J King | Sarah Ratchye | JD Lima | 
Maggi Payne | Brian Laczko | Mark Kelly and Fiona Raymond-Cox  |
Alice Wu and James Fei | Toussaint | Richard Ahamad | Johloyd Strong  |
Valerie Pozzo di Borgo | Eliane de Compiegne | Darren Ciriacruz | Madison Heying  |
City of Oakland Cultural Funding Program

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